Bica - Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA LTD) is a private company which offers quality consulting services to foreign organizations doing business in the Balkans

Bica - Finding Finance

We have worked for over 3 years with Western investors and financial institutions on the buy side, and have a good understanding of their model and logic when evaluating a given investment. In the time of crisis that allows us to help distressed owners quickly exit their projects. In order to achieve the latter, we formally evaluate and assess the asset, develop relevant marketing tools and promote it to a selected pool of private equity funds, institutional and strategic investors, banks and others.

So far we have successfully applied this concept to fields such as manufacturing, real estate and renewable energy in Bulgaria and other nearby countries from the region (Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania and Moldova).

We are proud of the list of clients we have already managed to find finance for, and would be glad to share it with you.