Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA) is a private company providing fund management, as well as project and asset management services in Central and Eastern Europe.

BICA News 2011

August 2011
Representative of BICA met the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo in Sofia

The Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Mimoza Kusari-Lila, officially visited Bulgaria as per an invitation by the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr. Miroslav Naydenov. During her visit, Mrs. Kusari-Lila met with representatives of the Bulgarian business, among which was BICA. Owing to the embargo imposed by the government of Kosovo for goods imported from Serbia, the main topic of the meeting was aimed at discussing the opportunity for export of Bulgarian food goods and commodities to the country. 


An additional topic of discussion during the meeting was transfer of know-how and technologies from Bulgaria to Kosovo, as well as development of joint ventures in the two countries. Minister Kusari-Lila emphasized that the current situation is appropriate for sustainable penetration and winning of market share in the market of Kosovo from Bulgarian companies operating in the agriculture and food processing industries. This process will be supported and there is a guarantee from the government of Kosovo that all the efforts from their side will be made in order the administrative and custom barriers to be removed, so the penetration of the Bulgarian companies on the local market to be facilitated. Minister Kusari-Lila invited a representative of BICA to participate in a meeting in Pristina next week between the governments and businesses of Kosovo and Bulgaria. Minister Kusari-Lila stressed the importance of companies as BICA, which have experience in Kosovo, as a catalyst for the successful penetration of the Bulgarian companies in Kosovo.

April 2011
BICA was the only representative of Europe at a business forum in Korea

On 1st of April in Seoul, Korea took place an annual forum with international participation for improvement and expansion of the possibilities for business development of the Korean companies in new markets in the world. The conference has been organized under the aegis of the government of the Republic of South Korea by KOTRA Sofia – Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and at the event have been present representatives of all leading Korean companies in the sectors of renewable energy, energy efficiency and production of green technologies.


Own presentations have given 8 foreign guests from countries and regions interesting for the Korean business. At this year’s event the only representative from Europe was the General Manager of BICA Mr. Andrey Bachvarov. Mr. Bachvarov gave a presentation in front of 150 Korean companies on the current status and the investment possibilities in RES in Bulgaria. The invitation for participation was initiated with the cooperation of the Embassy of South Korea in Bulgaria. The invitation is a result of the increased interest of the Korean companies and industrial holdings in the RES sector in the country.

March 2011
Korean-Bulgarian Business Forum

Mr. Andrey Bachvarov, General Manager of BICA, gave a presentation on the topic “RES and energy projects” during the Korean-Bulgarian Business Forum that took place on the 15th of March, 2011, Sheraton Hotel, Sofia. In the forum took part a Korean governmental delegation led by the Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy Park Young June as well as the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism Evgeni Angelov. 


At the event also participated representatives of leading Korean companies such as Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. (HEC), NH Investment and Securities Co., Ltd. and others. The purpose of the Korean-Bulgarian business meeting was the introduction of the advantages and possibilities of Bulgaria as an investment destination in the sectors of renewable energy and industry. 


Organizer of the event was KOTRA Sofia – Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency and Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. Mr. Bachvarov was invited as European representative by KOTRA to be a lecturer for the next event of the agency in April in Seoul, Korea.