Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA) is a private company providing fund management, as well as project and asset management services in Central and Eastern Europe.

BICA News 2014

June 2014
BICA Met with World Leaders in the Area of Smart Grid Solutions

Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA) visited DistribuTECH Exhibition that took place in San Antonio, Texas in early February 2014. Focusing on the latest advancements in the electricity transmission and distribution technologies, the event covered topics such as energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy integration, smart metering and others.


As a follow up of the conference, BICA held meetings with several companies, interested in benefitting from the untapped potential of the Central and Eastern European markets. The meetings that took place in companies’ London based EU headquarters were intended to start a discussion on possible cooperation models, as well as elaborate on companies’ products. Since then BICA is in constant communication with these companies, exploring viable solutions for fulfilling the energy efficiency obligations of CEZ – one of its main partners.


One of the companies is a global leader in “Software as a Service” solutions that help utilities foster energy efficiency among their customers. Its platform delivers customer targeted applications that encourage efficient consumption of energy and improve customer’s perception of the utility. The company provides tools, information and incentives aimed at helping consumers make “smarter” decision about their energy usage.


In light of considering smart grid’s critical role in securing a sustainable energy future, BICA also held a discussion with a Silicon Valley based smart grid communication technologies provider. Besides its smart metering products, the company offers smart street lighting solutions that provide benefits such as reduced expenses, reduced crime rates and others.


Meetings with two other companies were intended to foster the discussion on the possible implementation of smart grid solutions in Bulgaria. One of the companies is among world’s leading providers of demand response, energy efficiency and energy supply consulting services.


As a pioneer in the implementation of smart grid and energy efficiency solutions in Bulgaria, BICA is one of the few companies in the region to have established a constructive dialogue with some of the world’s leaders in the sector. In view of the successful implementation of smart energy efficiency solutions in Bulgaria and the region, BICA is looking forward to a fruitful cooperation with these companies.

February 2014
Bulgarian Association for Biomass Welcomed as Member of the European Biomass Association

Bulgarian Association for Biomass is pleased to announce it was accepted as a full member of the European Biomass Association (“AEBIOM”) on Dec 13, 2013.

AEBIOM brings together more than 30 national biomass associations and around 70 companies from all over Europe, representing more than 4,000 businesses and research institutions.

Main goals of AEBIOM are to represent and protect its members’ interests in front of European institutions and participate in European policy discussions related to the biomass energy sector. To promote its goals, AEBIOM holds conferences, publishes informational brochures and presentations, and prepares an Annual Report.

Bulgarian Association for Biomass is glad to join the big European family of AEBIOM and is looking forward to a successful partnership in the development of the biomass sector at national and European level.

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