Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA) is a private company providing fund management, as well as project and asset management services in Central and Eastern Europe.

BICA News 2016

October 2016
The C-RREXTENDED Embarks on its Second Mission

Following a great team effort over the past 4 months and mobilizing local and EU stakeholders on all levels, the C-RREXTENDED consortium submitted successfully its first project proposal – the C-Cube, aiming to educate and incentivize households to be more energy efficient through innovative IT tools and a unique reward program. The project consortium was led by BICA as coordinator, together with Imperial College, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology – Sweden, Delft University of Technology, the University of Trento, Sofia University, Sofia Development Association, Future Energy and Junior Achievement Bulgaria. Project approval by the European Commission is expected in February 2017 and launch of the C-Miles program in June 2017.


Continuing with the second project on the C-RREXTENDED agenda, the consortium of the 5+1 will meet on October 13 – 14 in Karlsruhe, Germany – home of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, where leaders are going to share their vision and discuss next steps on the upcoming Co-Creation Policy Development Project (working name – C-Revolutions). The project aims to develop new tools and methods for using the rapidly accumulating big data resources to improve EU policy-making across sectors. In the months before the February 2017 submission deadline the consortium will work also to attract new partners from the ICT sector to give further insight and support to the project.

September 2016
Power Drone Completes First Pilot Projects with Bulgarian Utilities

In August and September 2016 Power Drone – a company from the BICA family specialized in aerial observation of energy infrastructure – executed overflies of four middle voltage power lines with a total length of 90 km in both flatland, hilly and mountainous terrains under pilot project contracts with Bulgarian distribution grid operators. The aim of the drone inspections was to determine the exact GPS coordinates of the poles and to provide high quality images of the different grid elements reflecting their current technical condition. The drone overflies of grid infrastructure provided precise image visualization, access to hard-to-reach areas and increased efficiency of grid inspection. As second stage Power Drone completed overflies of some of the power lines in automatic mode following the already determined GPS coordinates of the grid. Based on the collected GPS coordinates and high quality images of the grid elements, the post-processing work of Power Drone includes the importing and integration of the images with the respective technical description within the GIS system of the utility companies. 


Power Drone also performed a pilot project for overflying three small towns / villages with total area of 25 sq. km. The goal of the project was to produce high quality geo-referenced orthomosaics with various visual layers of the grid infrastructure within the settlements, such as low voltage power lines, poles, transformer stations, switchboards and electrical meters. 



July 2016
BICA Hosted a Round Table in Sofia and Gets Appointed for Coordinator of EU Energy Efficiency Project

On July 22, 2016 BICA organized a European round table on “Experimentation and innovation of energy policies in the IT environment to solve social problems”. The event was part of a series of research and educational projects for implementing policies to address social challenges – C-RRExtended, developed jointly with: Imperial College – UK, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Germany, Royal Institute of Technology – Sweden, Delft University of Technology – Netherlands; University of Trento – Italy and local stakeholders from academia, business and government. The purpose of the roundtable was to identify needs, expectations and capacities in Bulgaria, in order to create partnerships at the local level and initiate additional actions to build long-term capacity in the region.


As a first step of the C-RRExtended process, BICA coordinates the Horizon 2020 project C-Cube aiming to educate households how to be more energy efficient and support energy vulnerable consumers (~40% of the population in Bulgaria) through innovative IT and offline tools. The project is realized by the five European universities listed above, Sofia Development Association, Sofia University, Future Energy and Junior Achievement Bulgaria. The C-Cube network partners include Miles & More (project patron), Housing Europe, Confindustria, the Sustainable Energy Development Agency and others.