Bica - Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA LTD) is a private company which offers quality consulting services to foreign organizations doing business in the Balkans.

Bica - Resources

BICA is a reputable provider of custom marketing and feasibility reports used by investors in the Balkan region with emphasis on Bulgaria. We have constantly updated information on sectors such as renewable energy projects, commercial real estate opportunities, and diverse manufacturing and service companies in the Balkan region. Work on those over the years has accumulated considerable expertise within BICA that allows us to provide the above services with ever increasing quality and speed.

Some examples (excerpts) of past work can be easily downloaded from the respective sections on the left, including periodically updated information on key macro financials of countries in the region, scope of past assignments (tables of contents) and selected success stories. Those are good indicative examples of the level of detail we cover, as well as the quality of presentation of all data.

BICA is supportive of government (ministries, foreign embassies, trade missions, chambers of commerce), academic and NGO operations in the region. Therefore, representatives of the above may contact us for a limited free advice on any relevant topic. All commercial and private organizations are welcome to contact us for further explanation on any item listed in this section.