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Bica - Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA LTD) is a private company which offers quality consulting services to foreign organizations doing business in the Balkans

Bica - Who We Are

Balkans Investment Consulting Agency (BICA LTD) is a private company that provides consulting, operational, and brokerage services to clients doing business in Bulgaria and any nearby CEE countries. Having experience in Ukraine, Serbia and Macedonia, BICA is committed to identifying sensible investment opportunities in the region and finding capital to make them happen.

We develop professional market and feasibility studies that help understand the real return from operating in these countries. Furthermore, we are often asked to give adequate solutions to specific problems, ranging from company setup and development, personnel management to brokerage on behalf of our clients.

Our services have been used years on end by financial institutions, real estate developers and trading companies mostly from Austria, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany. Recently, BICA is also very proud of having executed successful projects for governmental and private clients in Bulgaria, as well as former USSR countries.